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At Crowchild Physiotherapy, we believe every patient is unique, and every recovery plan is customized to suit your goals. Our experts will curate your treatment plan from a wide range of therapies to ensure your holistic recovery & mobility.

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Treatments available by our Acupuncturist

Led by Eduarda Borges, she has over 300 hour Pilates instructor course, with emphasis in biomechanics & postural education. To learn, more, contact us.

5 Benefits of Pilates regimen have to offer - 

  • Improves your flexibility
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Improves posture
  • Improves strength of core (your back, abdomen, and pelvic area)
  • Helps you become  leaner, stronger, and will improve your overall fitness level and appearance


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Located in Brentwood Shopping center, Next to FreshCo. We are open Monday to Saturday 9 AM onwards. We are available in late evenings as well.

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